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Become the authority in your industry and learn how to rise above the common beliefs and habits that are holding you back.
How do you think differently, do differently and be different when you’re bombarded daily with the pressure to remain within the status quo?
What This Book Will Teach You:
The power you have to make a difference in the world is directly related to how you structure your belief system and how that structure impacts your daily life. The Thought Leader Handbook will teach you how to align your mindset to your goals while giving you tactical tips on how to bring new thought to the marketplace - radically changing the way others see you and the product/service you provide.
#1. How to set your mind and keep it set.
#2. How to live your daily life on purpose.
#3. How to put into practice your purpose in order to perpetually move forward.
“If you continue doing what you’ve always done, what outcome should you expect? The same you’ve always gotten. I’m going to teach you how to create change today.”
About The Author
As the owner of one of the leading video branding companies of our time, Jaxx Productions, Marley and her team position businesses and celebrities as industry leaders and influencers within their field.

Marley’s expertise is in producing polarizing content, generating leads on autopilot 24/7, warming up cold audiences and lowering ad costs - all from utilizing viral video content. Her work has attracted the attention of Fortune 100 companies such as Macy’s and Microsoft, who offered 5-figure sponsorship deals to her clients.

With a background in social media, Facebook advertising, and event management, Marley has produced events with best-selling authors and celebrities such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Randi Zuckerberg, Robin Sharma, and more.

"You owe it to the world to powerfully present your message, create your movement and live a life of forward momentum." - Marley Jaxx
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